Jens and Leslie Klaar, owners of High Tide Arts I, II and III opened their first seasonal gallery located on the Homer Spit, Alaska in 1999.  The second shop was opened up in 2006.  They sell their own artwork, jewelry, custom knives and carry artwork by other Alaskan artists including embossed prints, photography, soapstone and metal work. 

High Tide Arts II sells the clothing lines Octopus Ink, Tasseled Rags, Scissorkick, jewelry and accessories and much more. Opened in 2015 is High Tide III located right next to the other two featuring the popular Salmon Sisters and 907 Clothing Co products! 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent service to the people who visit our site or walk through our shop doors and empower our employees to give you the best possible interaction. We provide quality clothes, knives and other products that help carry you to your next adventure and we enjoy seeing where it takes you. 

What We've Achieved

  • Growing as a business has helped employ more people in search of jobs. 
  • We've attended large markets and fairs around the state of Alaska to spread our our products and the lines we carry.
  • Cultivated lasting and meaningful relationships with vendors, customers ad employees.